Kadhdhoo Airport Company Limited
Supplying of Steel House (Hanger)


Subject: Supplying of Steel House (Hanger)

Kadhdhoo Airport Company Limited (KACL) wishes to re-tender the supply of Steel House (Hanger), tender no: :( IUL) KACL-HO/2016/08 due to bids received show up overpriced.

Interested applicants are invited to obtain information on 08th November (Tuesday) at 1100 hrs, Maldivian time at the company head office in Male’.

Bid submission and opening will be held on 15th November 2016 (Tuesday) at 1000hrs Maldivian time at company head office in Male’.

Kadhdhoo Airport Company Limited

Ministry of Defence and National Security

Ameeru Ahmed Magu

Male’, Maldives

Phone: +960 3011734

Email.  kacl@defence.gov.mv

31 October 2016