Cricket Board of Maldives
National Team Head Coach




Title: National Team - Head Coach

Grade: A

Placing: Male’City, Maldives

Workplace Station: Cricket Board of Maldives

Reporting to: Development Manager

Immediate subordinate: Assistant Coaches /Trainers

Sex: Male

Nationality: Any

Salary: Negosiable (3000-3500USD) depends on experiance 

Starting Date: 18th January 2018

Closing Date: 28th January 2018


Scope of Work

Head Coach is a member of Cricket Board of Maldives (CBM) and responsible for assisting Maldives National Cricket teams at international and national tournaments and related camps and tours. The head coach is the leader of the coaching team and the overall responsible for the implementation of coaching activities related to Maldives cricket development.

Through that role, the head coach will ensure the successful implementation of the board activities to achieve its objectives related to team development. Head coach will ensure the quality of the coaching services of Cricket Board of Maldives as well as the appropriate use of its resources in conformity to the board contract, the CBM regulations and the ACC/ICC policy.

As the Head coach assumes his responsibilities of the post, he is expected to provide leadership to the coaching committee, improve and maintain efficient management process and ensure the successful record of the national cricket team. The Head coach will guarantee, through monitoring and supervising the provincial cricket coaches, the quality of the cricket trainings and the appropriate utilization of its resources in accordance with the cricket technical tasks, the CBM regulations and the ICC policy.



-         Act according to the policy and regulations of CBM

-         Keep updated with issues related to CBM

-         Promote an attitude of team spirit and a strong focus on quality

-         Refrain from unkind behavior, attitudes and statements which discriminate against others

-         Keep confidential with issues related to CBM

-         Work with co-operative attitude and keep a high standard of quality

-         Develop spirit of co-operation and understanding among members of the unit

-         Do related job as delegated by the Development Manager.

Technical Tasks:

1. To provide leadership to the coaching committee and to keep clarity of vision and direction throughout the various implementation processes and to encourage a participatory style of management and to build a team spirit to maximize the effectiveness of the management process.

2. To assist Secretary General in implementation of technical policies and regulations.

3. To do needs assessment and provision of the relevant facilities for the training of the concern coaching staff.

4. To arrange and provide training facilities to the CBM coaching staff at central and provincial level.

5. To maintain regular communication and discussions with the Development Manager and to update him on the progress and the project events and to share ideas and concerns with the later to reach the appropriate decisions and solutions.

6. Delivery of the workforce development plan aimed at improving the number and quality of coaches in the country.

7. Overall implementation of the facility development strategy relating to team development.

8. Serves as a coaching expert representative across teams and the technical unites at board.

9. To liaise the board to the various partners including the ACC and ICC.

10. To write the monthly reports to the Secretary General

11. Promotes and coordinates technical knowledge harvesting within the cricket board.

12. To establish a suitable plan for different national team players aiming to enhance the consistency and improve team performance of the board policies and Develop methodologies in the various department of player performance intend to build players individual capacity and team building spirit.

Supervisory Tasks:

1. To identify the implementation problems and weaknesses related national teams to undertake, in consultation with Development Manager, appropriate and innovative solutions towards them and to seek, when necessary, the help of other board management or support units.

2. To supervise the budget related activities including the expenditure of the project, the financial procedures and the budget reviews.

3. To frequently monitor and assist cricket academies at central level and capacity building component

Training Tasks:

-         To promote the capacity building of the board coaches through instruction and support, training and adequate level of involvement in the practical coaching process.

-         To plan and implement, in consultation with the Development Manager, activities to promote the capacity of the domestic coaches.

Planning Tasks:

-         To lead the planning exercises of the national team to develop action plans and to contribute with board in developing the board proposals, work plans and other master plans.

Financial Tasks:

-         To assume full responsibility for the financial activities in accordance with CBM Financial rules and regulations.

-         To review the financial reports, to sign them and to submit them to Development Manager.


Tasks of relations with external agencies and organizations bodies:

-         To maintain regular and collegial contact with other board within the region, especially board in Asian countries involved in development activities.

Qualification Required:

Education and experience:

1. Minimum of 10 years of professional experience of which at least 3 years in a Head of coach position

2. A good understanding of the Maldives National Cricket team and team development plan

3. Experience in the usage of computer and office software packages.


1. through knowledge of spoken and written English

2. Good ability to convey the message and convince players

3. Good skills in teamwork and negotiations.

4. Capacity in organization and planning of the work, flexibility to work under



Applications: Please address your applications to

Cricket Board of Maldives; Male’ Sports Complex

Indoor Cricket Hall, 1st Floor

Telephone No: +960 3325550

Email to: [email protected]

                [email protected]

23 January 2018