Maldives Food and Drug Authority


1. Introduction

National Health Laboratory (NHL) is a division of Maldives Food and Drug Authority (MFDA) with the main mandate of quality control, safety and hygiene verification of food and pharmaceuticals. NHL is divided into two main sections namely, Chemistry and Microbiology laboratories. The matrices tested   include water, food and swabs and brought from food establishments, factories and resorts and pharmaceuticals.

NHL has been accredited to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025 since December 2008. For the maintenance of its accreditation status it is compulsory to calibrate equipments from a calibration centre accredited to ISO/IEC17025.

2. Scope and Objectives

The objective of this TOR is to find a competent calibration center accredited to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025 to calibrate the equipments at NHL.

The List 1 attached includes the details of equipments that require calibration.

3. Expected Outcomes

The chosen party is expected to:

  1. Calibrate the equipments in list 1 by sending technicians (for calibration of equipments that can be calibrated at NHL site) and by taking items to site of calibration (for items that cannot be calibrated at NHL.
  2. Issue calibration certificates with sufficient data for analysis and uncertainty calculations
  3. Put a sticker/label on the equipment with required detail

4.  Requirements / Qualifications

i. The calibration centers intending to offer calibration services to NHL shall have the following qualifications and requirements.

a) The calibration center must be accredited to the standard ISO/IEC 17025.

b) Calibration certificates/reports must be issued, in paper, after calibration, bearing the accreditation logo.

c) Calibration certificates  must at least contain the following information:

a. Description of the equipment

b. Serial No.

c. Identification No/Manufacturer and Model no.

d. Calibration Date

e. Location of calibration

f. Test conditions:

g. Reference standard used

h. Method of calibration

i. Uncertainty associated with the activity

d) A label/sticker should be placed on the equipment after calibration with the details:

a. LOGO of the calibration center

b. A reference number

c. Identification number of the equipment

d. Calibrated by

e. Date of calibration

e) Calibration certificates should be received to NHL in at least a month’s time.

f) The calibration must have at least 3 years’ of experience and must be currently engaged in providing the service.

5. Quoting and required documents

i. The quotations must indicate clearly the following charges in US Dollars:

a. Rate of calibration/consultancy charges for each type of equipment and the total cost

b. Postage costs involved in sending any required equipments to the calibration center

c. Postage costs in returning the equipments to NHL, Maldives

d. Return airfare for technicians for the calibration to arrive to Maldives and their return

e. Accommodation charges for the calibration technicians for the period of stay in Maldives

f. No. of days required for the calibration done in NHL and posted items

g. Charges for any freight of devices/ equipments / solutions/ standards required for the calibrations that would be brought in

h. Incidental charges if any

i. Any other charges that might incur for the activity

ii. Equipments that cannot be calibrated in the laboratory site should be identified in the quotation.

iii. Arrangements that need to be made, standards and apparatus that need to be available  from NHL such as required environment conditions

iv. In addition to the quotation interested parties should submit:

a) A copy of the accreditation certificate to ISO/IEC 17025

b) A sample report of calibration

c) Brief profile

d) List of clients/ laboratories that had sought calibration services in the past 3 years.

e) Payment conditions

f) Any other terms and conditions subject to the process

g) Contact details

6. Duration: All calibrations are to be completed before the 31st December 2015.

7. Contact:  Thooma Adam/ Maldives Food and Drug Authority

8. Deadline for submission:

Interested parties are to submit signed quotations and other required documents on or before the 21st May 2015 to

Maldives Food and Drug Authority, Ministry of Health,

Roashanee Building,

Sosun Magu,

Male’ 20184

Republic of Maldives.

Electronic versions of the quotations and documents can be emailed to [email protected] before the above due date. Late submissions cannot be considered under any circumstances.

05 May 2015