Island Aviation Services Limited
Temporary Apron Expansion and New Apron with Taxiways

We are in the process of seeking interested parties to submit their bid for the Temporary Apron Expansion and New Apron with Taxiways.

Information Session for the Bid will be held at 16:00hrs (local time) on 5th September 2021, Sunday, at Dar-al Eman Building.

The Site Visit Session has been scheduled for 9th September 2021, Thursday, at Maafaru International Airport, at 14:00hrs (Local Time).

Kindly note that attendance for both the mentioned sessions is mandatory and Bid will not be accepted of any party that does not attend the sessions on time.

Note *Scope of Work has been attached along with the announcement.

For further clarifications and queries regarding this Bid, kindly mail us your queries to [email protected] and [email protected] copied to [email protected] , or contact us at 3331230.

Subject: NMF Apron Expansion – (Bid No: 07/2021)


01 September 2021