Addu International Airport Private Limted
Procurement of Cables

Procurement of Cables

Addu International Airport Pvt Ltd wishes to cancel the previous announcement requesting for quotation for the supply of cables (reference no. AIA-I1/IL/2021/017) and re-invites quotations from interested and eligible local parties to supply electric cables.

Interested parties shall register for the bid through the link below

bid registration- wires

registered bidder will be allowed to participate in the bid.




Bid registration deadline

01st August 2021

12;00 hrs


03rd August 2021

12:00 hrs

Bid Submission and opening

08th August 2021

14:00 hrs


For all queries regarding the bid , please contact us at [email protected] before the deadline mentioned above.

AIA, at its discretion may decide to cancel the bid invitation at any time.


28 July 2021