Regional Airports Company Limited


Senior Operations Officer

Required No.



Head Office

Minimum Qualification

  • Completed Certificate Level 4 in Management or related field
  • Minimum 5 years of supervisory level experience in the field
  • Able to relocate to other airport stations as and when required.


  • Coordinate with Airport Managers on operational issues.
  • Liaise and coordinate with Security Authorities at airport.
  • Ensure proper organization and planning for all flights of the day.
  • Ensure proper allocation of staff to cover all areas. Monitor staff punctuality.
  • Meet the demands of the operation from time to time to ensure smooth function, such as A-C technical, charter flights, unexpected long flight delay or cancellations, aircraft rotation etc.
  • Ensure proper administration is adhered to in matters relating to in matters relating to revenue such as acceptance of flight coupon, transit passenger meal vouchers etc. and correspondence such as telexes, faxes email etc.
  • Monitor all Airport staff performance or any other discrepancies observed with suggestions for rectification and improvement.
  • Liaise with all airlines representative, as and when required to meet operational demand.
  • Cover all areas of the airports to ensure smooth function and proper organization.
  • Submit report to COO on daily basis on station activities at the end of the day.
  • Submit separate report on any other incident such as flight technical, DNB, charters.
  • Ensure availability and supply of relevant stationary items at the counter and other areas of all airports as per the requirement.
  • Liaise with Customer, Immigration and security for issues pertaining the airline and its passengers.
  • Coordinating and conducting employee training and development programs of all Airports.

Salary Package

MVR 12,000

Daily Allowance

MVR 200

Application Process: Send your CV, copies of accredited certificates, Job reference letters, Clearance Letters from both Maldives Police Services and Anti-Corruption Commission Report, and ID card or Driver’s License copy to h[email protected]   


Application Deadline: July 14, 2021. 1400hrs

28 June 2021