Fenaka Corporation Limited
Supply of 400kw Generator set


Number: FNK-I/IUL/2019/229


Supply of 400kw Generator set

Fenaka Corporation Limited requests quotation from interested local and foreign companies for Supply of 400kw generator set as per information sheet attached herewith.

There is a pre-bid information session for interested parties on 23rd October 2019 Wednesday, at 02:00pm (Male ‘time) at Fenaka Corporation Head Office (7th Floor, Ports Complex Building).

  • The Bid Validity should be minimum Sixty (60) days from the date of Bid opening. All Bids should be accompanied with a Bid Security of USD 3500.00 (Three Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars Only) which is valid for Twenty (20) days beyond the validity of the bid. Bid Security shall be a bank guarantee letter (Original), cheque (Original) or an Insurance Policy from Maldives Monetary Authority registered insurance company. Cheque must be bank guaranteed and stamped. Bid security must be submitted in the name of the bidders.




Pre bid Meeting

23rd October 2019


Bid Opening

31st October 2019



  • Please submit your proposals on 31st October 2019, Thursday at 11:00pm (Male’ time), at the meeting room of Fenaka Corporation Head Office (7th Floor, Ports Complex Building), in the presence of the bidders. Please note that the quotations received after the stated time, bidder who does not submit Bid Security (Original), and Quotation received through e-mail will not be accepted.

Important Note:

  • Bids lacking the document mentioned in information sheet section (C) will be rejected during bid opening. Also it is in FENAKA’s discretion to cancel this invitation to bid at any time.


08th October 2019


10 October 2019