Greater Male' Industrial Zone Limited
Seeking a party to develop, operate and maintain K. Thilafushi Café and K. Guhlifalhu Café & Tuck Shop




No.: GMIZL/IUL/PROC/2019/018


Greater Male’ Industrial Zone Limited (GMIZL) is seeking a party to develop, operate and maintain K. Thilafushi Café and K. Guhlifalhu Café & Tuck Shop.  GMIZL invites potential and competent parties to submit proposals for the work.







8:30 to 13:00

22 September 2019  to 26 September 2019


GMIZL head office

Fen Building/ 4th floor

Registration to take part in the tender

13:30 Onwards

30 September 2019


Releasing Bid Document


07 October 2019


Pre-bid Meeting


14 October 2019


Submission and Opening of Bids

  • The bidder shall pay non-refundable Registration fee of MVR 200/- (MVR Two Hundred)
  • The Bidder shall furnish a Bid Security of MVR 50,000.00 (MVR Fifty Thousand) which shall be valid for 30 days beyond the validity of the Bid.
  • Only one proposal can be submitted by each party.
  • Proposal should be valid for at least 120 (Hundred Twenty) days.
  • Greater Male’ Industrial Zone reserves the right to reject proposals with incomplete information.


Bids would be only accepted by parties who have registered to participate in the bid. All bid proposals should be submitted in sealed envelopes. Bid opening will be held at GMIZL head office with all those who want to participate in the bid opening. Evaluation criteria for this bid is included in the Information to Bidders (ITB) of bid document. For further queries please contact the procurement department.







19 September 2019

20 Muharam  1441


Fen Building/ 4th floor                                                                                                    ފެން ބިލްޑިންގް/ 4ވަނަ ފަންގިފިލާ

Ameenee Magu, Male’, Republic of Maldives                                                                            އަމީނީމަގު، މާލެ، ދިވެހިރާއްޖެ

Tel: 3307513, 3307515 Fax: 3307514                                                        ފޯން: 3307513،3307515 ފެކްސް: 3307514

19 September 2019