Number: (IUL) 88-PS/88/2023/15
Published Date: 14 Mar 2023
Published Time: 14:48
Deadline: 30 Mar 2023 10:00
Ministry of Tourism
Second Amendment to the Bidding Document for the Lease, Development, Operation and Management of Tourist Resorts

The following amendment is made to the Bidding Document for the Lease, Development, Operation and Management of Tourist Resorts pursuant to the Invitation for Bids (IFB) number (IUL) 88-PS/88/2023/2 dated 23rd January 2023.

As the bidder’s financial eligibility is verified from the bank statement/bank guarantee submitted as “Proof of Funds”, and to further ease the documentation process and cut down the red-tape involved in the bidding process, the Ministry has decided to remove the below from Clause 10 of the Instruction to Bidders - Documents comprising the bid.


(h) Audited financial statement of last two years in case of partnerships or companies.

Hence, the following Clause of the Instructions to Bidders (ITB) is to be amended as below.


a) Clause 10 of the ITB:  


1. Documents Comprising the Bid

1.1.        The Bid prepared by the Bidder shall comprise solely of the following documentation and shall be submitted before the Bid Closing Time on the Bid Closing Date to the Bid Opening Venue:

a)     Completed Bid Form in accordance with Form 1 in Annex I.

b)     Bid Security furnished in accordance with Form 2 in Annex II.

c)     Proof of funds in the form of Bank Statement or a Proof of funds letter furnished in accordance with Form 3 in Annex III (Ministry may contact the bank (issuing bank of the statement or the letter) to ascertain the authenticity).

- If the Bidder is a Company or Business Entity, Proof of Funds can be accepted if the Bank Statement or the Proof of funds letter of any of the shareholder(s) are presented, given that the shareholder has issued a written statement confirming contribution of 20% equity of the projected investment pursuant to Clause 22.3 of ITB.

- If the Bidding Company/Entity has another company registered as one of their shareholders, Proof of Funds may also be submitted by this shareholding company, pursuant to the issuance of a Board Resolution on their behalf confirming contribution of the 20% equity of the projected investment pursuant to Clause 22.3 of ITB.

- If the Bidder submits Bank Statements as Proof of Funds, these statements shall be extracted within a period of 30 (Thirty) days from the Bid Opening Date, and for evaluation, the last balance at the last date of the statement(s) will be considered. If more than one bank statement has been submitted, the sum of all the accounts at the last date of the bank statement will be considered as Proof of Funds.

- The Bidder shall ensure that the account balance required for Proof of Funds (20% equity of the projected investment) is available as a sum of all accounts concurrently and retain the amount until the last specified date of the statement.

d)    Documentary evidence (a power of attorney and board resolutions in case of companies) stating that the person signing the Bid has been duly authorized to The Bidder shall complete and submit all the documents in Clause 10.1 of the ITB. Any deviation from the requirements of submitting these documents will be determined non-responsive and disqualified by the Ministry.

e)      National Identity Card / Passport (Individual Bidders and the person assigned to sign from a business entity)

f)      Registration certificate of Companies/partnerships.

g)     Business profile or Curriculum Vitae (in case of individual).

h)     If proposing; reclamation concept specifying the size of reclamation.

i)      GST registration certificate copy, if applicable.

j)       MIRA tax clearance report (past three months), if applicable.

k)     Renewable Energy Usage  and Energy Efficiency proposition (refer to clause 22 of ITB)

l)      Proposal specifying the following;

-        Access to Resort for tourist, staff and supply (Construction of Harbour)

-        Percentage of natural vegetation to be cleared


m)   Proposal for (refer to clause 22 of ITB);

-        Gender Parity

-        Local Staff Parity


n)     Amount proposed to Tourism Trust Fund as contribution to Training fund

14 Mar 2023