Number: HDC (161)-PWM/IU/2022/399
Published Date: 13 Sep 2022
Published Time: 16:48
Deadline: 21 Sep 2022 11:00
Housing Development Corporation
Elevator servicing at Hulhumale’ Phase 2, 16 Towers – Hiya 7000

Letter of Invitation to Tender

Date: 13th September 2022

Invitation of Tender No: HDC (161)-PWM/IU/2022/399


1. Housing Development Corporation Limited invites interested and eligible bidders to submit proposals to “Elevator servicing at Hulhumale’ Phase 2, 16 Towers – Hiya 7000” (hereinafter called the “Works” or “Project”) as per the requirement given by the Employer.


2. Only 100% Maldivian shareholding parties are eligible to submit the proposal for this tender


3. Tenderers shall declare all Conflict(s) of Interests to any HDC employee/HDC Board of Directors/any vendor, financial, non-financial or otherwise.


4. Tenderers shall register as a vendor prior to the bid submission date stated below in clause 10 via the “Vendors” tab in the portal.


5. A complete set of the tender documents may be obtained by the interested Tenderers from HDC’s portal link:


6. Tenders must be uploaded to the portal prior to the deadline mentioned below in Clause 10. It is recommended to encrypt the tender document when uploading the file. If the bid is encrypted, the bidder shall share the password during the bid opening stage. Failure to share the password during the bid opening stage will render in disqualification of the bid.


7. A representative for each bidder may attend the bid opening session. However, if the bid is encrypted the bidder shall attend the bid opening session and share the password.


8. Original bid security must be submitted to the office mentioned below in clause 10, not later than the bid submission deadline.


9. Tenders will be opened in a session to be held at the office mentioned below in Clause 10, and in the presence of representatives of tenderers who attends the opening stage. This session will take place at the time and date tabulated in Clause 10 of this section or such other time and date as may be notified to the tenderers.


10. Dates and timing for the tender process.





Deadline for written inquiry by potential bidders:

12:00hrs, 18th September 2022

Queries shall be raised via the portal

Clarification of the inquiries will be published at:

Deadline for Bid submission

11:00hrs, 21st September 2022

Bids shall be submitted Via the portal

Deadline for Bid opening

11:00hrs, 21st September 2022

Housing Development Corporation Ltd., Reception, Ground Floor, HDC Building, Hulhumale’


Yours Sincerely,



13 Sep 2022